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Welcome to Rimal Salon & Spa, we offer an unforgettable experience full of refreshing treatments. You can feel rejuvenated with our unique spa treatments. This premium massage center in Lahore provides massage services that will provide you with the best satisfaction and relieve you from the daily aches, fatigue and life-related stress. We are the best massage center in Lahore and known as the No. 1 massage center due to our stress relief treatments. We offer different types of massages that are beneficial to your body and soul.

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Our Services

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Full Body Oil Massage

Get full body oil massage by our qualified and talented massage experts and relax your mind and soul. For best services visit Rimal massage center Lahore.

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Couple Massage

Enjoy a couple’s massage with a partner next to you in the same room. It brings all the benefits of a regular massage plus the chance to enjoy a relaxing experience with a partner. For best services visit Rimal massage center Lahore.

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Sports Massage

Sports massage is a good option to get relief muscle injury. For best services visit Rimal massage center Lahore.


Swedish Massage

A gentle full body massage, it can help release muscle knots, and its also a good choice for when you want to full relax during massage. For best services visit Rimal massage center Lahore.

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Deep Tissue Massage

During a deep tissue massage, your massage therapist will use slow strokes and deep finger pressure to relive tension of your muscles and connective tissues. For best services visit Rimal massage center Lahore.

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Thai Massage

Thai massage reduce and relieve pain and stress. It can also help improve flexibility, circulation and energy level. For best services visit Rimal massage center Lahore.


Four Hands Massage

Four hands massage is a very smooth way to massage. This special massage gives you more satisfaction. A four-hand massage moves the two pairs of hands in sync, and this movement helps you relax faster than ever before. Massage promotes peaceful dreams, and helps manage emotional stress.


Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage with sticks helps you feel relaxed. If you are feeling a lot of stress in your daily work, bamboo massage should reduce the stress and make you ignore the daily problems.


There are different types of depilation, waxing is a very operative approach. Relative to other means, waxing gives you the longest period of relaxation and is suitable for all body hair removal. The seating arrangement is pleasant and comfortable. High quality creams are used to make the treatment painless and leave your body perfectly soft.


Rimal Salon Spa | No.1 Massage Center in Lahore

One of the best massage treatments is what we offer. We have a wealth of expertise and offer our clients the highest caliber services. In addition to providing professional and high-quality treatment at an incredible value in comfortable, tidy, and light settings, Rimal Salon Spa, delivers a pleasant, soothing, and tranquil experience. Our therapists are observant and custom-tailor each treatment, particularly for you.

They offer beneficial and therapeutic massages that meet your particular needs each time by paying attention to what you and your body need. Lahore massage experts provide unique treatments that they enjoy and think you will too. If you’re interested in the source of any minor aches and pains you may be feeling. You see why our clients keep returning to us yearly for total body relief. We value your visit and are eager to speak with you in person.

All Types of Massage Services available in Lahore

For you, we offer the finest deep tissue, full-body, foot, hot stone, Thai, oil, and massage treatments. Through muscle relaxation, improved range of motion, and increased flexibility, massage can help athletes perform better and recover faster after training. However, these are not the only benefits massage provides for our bodies. Let’s examine a few of the less well-known or obscure advantages of massage. The real value of a therapeutic massage comes from paying attention to you and customizing a session to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to genuinely and positively alter your body, mind, and spirit. We promise that you’ll feel better when you leave, or we’ll refund your money.

We work hard to make same-day appointments a reality in addition to our convenient location at the Rimal Salon Spa. We cheerfully accommodate even the busiest schedules; we offer appointment slots every day of the week during lunch and beyond regular business hours.

Top massage parlor in Lahore

The premier massage facility in Lahore, We provides a comprehensive range of massages and treatments. We are a full-service Lahore massage Center. Each customer receives a unique experience from the therapists at Rimal Salon Spa by utilizing a range of treatments. You can get excellent service from a body massage establishment for a reasonable fee. A spa that provides services like Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, chair massages for businesses, and aromatherapy treatments is what you should seek out. Look for body massage clinics that offer supplementary health services like yoga and dietary advice.

What are The Benefits of Body Massage?

  • Massages lower stress
  • Increase circulation
  • Increase encourage relaxation
  • Increase lessen inflammation
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Easing pain
  • Tension headaches
  • Enhancing sleep quality
  • Rejuvenate drained muscles
  • Rebalance the body

How much does a body-to-body massage cost?

Massage Center Lahore is the finest place to go if you’re searching for affordable body-to-body massages in Lahore for both men and women. Because we’re committed to upholding our excellent reputation in the industry. It is positioned, and we offer luxury body massage in Lahore, and all local areas of the City like DHA, Johar Town, Gulberg, and Bahria Branch. These services have also been effectively introduced in our other branches, including Muslim Town, Iqbal Town, and Barkat Market. The parlor is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week (all seven days).

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Full-body massage in Lahore with qualified staff

Lahore Massage Center uses top-notch technologies to offer our clients top-notch body massage and spa services, ensuring they receive the best body massage services available in the market. You can schedule an appointment for any upcoming date at any moment, and you can get five body massage packages for just 5000 Rupees.

Lahore Massage Center uses top-notch technologies to offer our clients top-notch body massage and spa services, ensuring they receive the best body massage services available in the market. You can schedule an appointment for any upcoming date at any moment, and you can get five body massage packages for just Rupees 5000.

Lahore massage services that are secure

We offer a secure setting where you can indulge your fantasies while receiving a body massage. Our devoted staff of qualified, experienced specialists is the foundation of the Lahore Massage Center success and well-being. All our qualified female doctors are fully committed to their work and dedicated to it. We provide many payment methods to ensure you have no trouble making payments.

Price for a complete body-to-body massage in Lahore

Do you need a body massage in Lahore? Are dedicated to satisfying customers. Between 24 hours, in this case. So that you may enjoy your time and become a regular customer, we have a steam room and a 30-minute shower with a female therapist.

Since you need to pay in full at the front desk and our Massage Therapist won’t bill you more in the room, we firmly believe in transparent service. Deals and discounts are specific. Data like names and phone numbers are always kept private.

Lahore body massage costs for a full-body massage. Do you need a body massage in Lahore or the nearby area? By offering all services within the time frame of our massage parlor, which is between 24/7 as we have a hot Massage facility and 30 hours with a girl therapist, we are dedicated to providing 100% customer pleasure. You can enjoy the time and continue to be a regular customer for a long time because the minutes are ready with a shower.

Why choose us?

You can speak with massage specialists from more than ten specialists in the industry at Rimal Salon Spa, making it the ideal spot to locate the best spa facility. They are well-known and incredibly well-liked. Enter the information required to be guided to the right center to find a massage parlor nearby. Make a time to meet, and you’ll feel better.

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We are Providing all types of Massage Services in Lahore.

Massage Center Lahore Not Charge any Extra Amount to our Customers. Our Prices are affordable and less then our Competitors.

We Use all Payment Methods that are Easy for Our Clients Like Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, U-Paisa, Bank Account or Cash payment.

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Rimal Salon spa is the No.1 Massage Center In Lahore, With Affordable Prices and 24/7 Availability.

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